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Buy a cell phone with low radiation levels

Buy a cell phone with low radiation levels

Before purchasing a new cell phone, research its specific absorption rate (SAR), indicating the quantity of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body.

Avoid using your phone in elevators and low signal locations

In such locations, your phone is trying very hard to find a signal, increasing the radiation it emits.

Use an air tube headset.

Using a standard headset is not the best solution for minimizing radiation exposure, as the metal wiring in a standard headset leads the radiation emitted from your phone to your brain.

Try limiting your phone calls.

Naturally, the less you talk on the phone, the less radiation you are exposed to (not considering the radiation you are exposed to on standby mode, depending on where you usually carry your phone).

Do not place your phone close to your ear while the call is connecting.

This is when your phone sends out the strongest signal, therefore emitting the strongest radiation.


Keep your phone as far away from your body as possible

Even when your phone is not in use, as long as it is turned on, it constantly emits radiation.

Avoid carrying your cellphone

in your pants, bra, armband, or any other location that is close to your part.


Turn off your Wi Fi connection

if not necessary.


Do not sleep next to your phone

Keep your phone as far from you as possible while you’re sleeping.

Avoid sleeping next to a charging phone

In this mode, your phone emits high levels of radiation.


Avoid working with a laptop or iPad on your lap

If you need or love placing your device on your lap, always use a laptop shield to minimize your exposure to the radiation emitted from these devices.

Take necessary precaution when working with a device close to your body

Radiation passes through most materials. Therefore, if you are using your laptop or iPad placed on a surface located close to your body, use a laptop shield.


During your pregnancy, avoid using radiation emitting devices without protection, particularly in close proximity to your belly

Such exposure was proven to have dangerous effects on your embryo’s development.


Keep a safe distance

from an operating microwave oven.

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