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Yes – radiation protection products can make great gifts!

This Holiday Season, who wouldn’t want to give something that friends and family are going to love? Think of something useful, practical and stylish, as well.

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our best-selling products designed to not only protect gadgets, but its users as well.

1. For frequent smartphone users – radiation protection phone case

Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? Between calling, texting, sending emails, or checking social media, your smartphone is essentially your single most frequently used piece of technology.

An anti-radiation case would make a great holiday gift. Not only does it provide ample protection against drops, nicks and scratches, but it also protects users by minimizing exposure to radiation emitted from the phone.

Vest’s phone case selection, available for some of the most popular smartphone models, comes in various colors to perfectly match your recipient’s preferences.

2. For music lovers – radiation protection headsets

Did you know that traditional wired headsets can actually amplify radiation exposure? The metal wiring used to conduct sound can amplify the radiation your phone emits.

A great alternative to this, which would also make a perfect gift for the holidays, would be an air tube headset for their phone, instead of using metal wires, air tube headsets transmit sound using air, keeping a safe distance between your brain and the radiation emitted from your phone. Not only does it reduce radiation exposure by up to 98%, but it also offers great sound quality.

See more about the product here: https://vesttech.com/product-category/headsets/


3. For sports enthusiasts – radiation protection armband

For friends or family who just can’t put their phones down even while they are on their daily workouts, anti-radiation sport bands are an ideal gift.

Vest’s sport band provides protection from radiation emitted from your phones, as well as features convenient pockets for keys and cards. Made from high-quality, lightweight materials, it allows sports enthusiasts to carry their phone along with other essentials, hands-free.

armband_all armpack_black

4. For those always on-the-go – radiation protection wallet case

Wallet cases are a great all-in-one solution for busy, on-the-go individuals who want to keep their wallet and smartphone in a single, handy case. Not only does it streamline daily essentials, it also minimizes exposure to radiation when you constantly have it in your hand or carrying it in your pocket.

Available for most smartphone models, Vest’s selection of wallet cases provides 360-degree protection for your phone and convenient access to your credit cards and cash.  Additionally, it also protects NFC chipped credit cards from identity theft.


5. For busy professionals – radiation protection laptop shield

Busy professionals carry and use their laptops everywhere they go. If you have someone on your list who usually works on their laptops, a great gift for the holidays would be the Vest laptop radiation shield.

This product is designed to lower exposure from radiation emitted from laptop batteries, wifi and cellular antenna, as well as to minimize heat.


6. For parents and expecting mothers – radiation protection belly bands or baby blankets

Studies show that exposure to radiation from cellphones during pregnancy might affect a baby’s brain development and expose the mother to long-term risks.  The developing brains of unborn children and infants may be more vulnerable to the effects of radiation exposure, which makes it even more important to keep them safe.

This Christmas, make sure that parents and soon-to-be moms on your list keep their kids and babies protected.  Give them anti-radiation products that will create a safe environment for their families.

Anti-radiation blankets from Vest are a great option  for new parents with infants at home, while Vest belly bands for pregnant moms minimizes radiation exposure from common gadgets found at home.

bellyband_white_3 blakets_blue_pink

Everyone loves their gadgets, and with these accessories, you’re making sure everyone on your list can reap the benefits of technology with peace of mind.

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