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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Health Minded People

Valentine’s Day is usually a holiday associated with chocolate, candy, indulgent dinner dates and overflowing bottles of wine. It’s certainly an occasion that calls for sweets and treats; but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

This year, you could switch things up and take a different approach. Instead of indulging, give a gift that will jump-start your road to wellness–it might even prove to be a more lasting and memorable gift.

Here are seven Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle—

1.Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are designed to work with your computer and mobile devices so that it’s easier for you to keep track of your daily activities. Whether you’re counting steps, monitoring your sleep, or watching your calories, these devices are meant to encourage more activity.

To make the gift more romantic for Valentine’s Day, set a couple fitness goals that you can monitor together. Not only will you get to spend more time together as a couple, you also ensure that both of you enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

2. Cooking classes

Instead of heading to a fancy restaurant for a Valentine’s Day dinner date, why not give it a miss and sign up for a healthy cooking class instead? Not only will you be able to indulge in a healthier, gastronomic option, it’s something that you can do even after the holiday ends.

Make sure you sign up for the classes along with your significant other. Learning something new as a couple can help strengthen your relationship, and new experiences help solidify your bond as a couple.

3. Sign up for diet delivery services

If you’re not into cooking, but still want to make a more lasting effort towards eating healthier, then you could consider signing up for a diet delivery service. Here’s how it works—depending on your weight or fitness goals, diet restrictions, and even preferences, a catering service focused on creating healthy meals and snacks will deliver food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner straight to your home or office.

This is a great idea for couples who want to make sure that they are spend more time together and resolve to enjoy each other’s company over a romantic, but healthy meal.

4. Sports lessons

Is your significant other into tennis? Or swimming? Or skiing?  Is there a sport that you want your partner to try and learn? Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get yourself and your loved one involved by signing them up for lessons.

The goal is to get involved in something active and healthy together, and joining sports lessons as a couple is certainly a great way to achieve that.

5. A juicer

Juicing is one of the easiest ways you can stick to a healthy diet. It’s a great alternative to soda, and it’s something that your significant other can use every day as they pursue their road to wellness.

On Valentine’s Day, present your gift with a fruit basket so they can get started immediately. Better yet, whip up a big, refreshing glass on Valentine’s Day morning.

6. A spa day

A good way to help your significant other relax and achieve overall wellness is by treating him or her to a luxurious day at the spa. Studies show that massages work to relieve stress and lower blood pressure, which makes an all-day spa treatment a great Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Schedule a full day of pampering with your partner and get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

7. Couple’s adventure

Tickets to an exotic location or a trek through an exciting new locale is a great bonding experience for couples this Valentine’s Day. Not only will you be avoiding the Valentine’s Day crowds in the city, you’ll also be sharing a new experience together.

Make sure to take lots of pictures on your trip to keep the memories alive and make the activity a romantic day to remember.

8. Anti-radiation accessories

Yes, this is a shameless plug;) If you’re looking to give something practical this Valentine’s Day, try something that will be used every day while still offering radiation protection. Between your smartphone, tablet, computer, and WiFi, you’re basically swimming in a sea of radiation. In the interest of ensuring your significant other’s health and wellness, choosing a case designed to protect them from radiation may be essential. AND it’s stylish!

You can visit our site and choose matching cases from our extensive catalog, or choose one in their favorite color.

Hopefully, one of these gift ideas will jump start your significant other’s road to wellness. If you have more ideas on how you can celebrate a healthy Valentine’s Day, leave a comment below!

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