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Did you know that cellphones, cell towers, and wireless devices have an impact on birds, bees and overall wildlife? The growth of wireless telecommunication technologies has tremendously increased. Radio frequency fields in the MHz range disrupt insect and bird orientation and interfere with the primary process of magneto-reception.


Bees are affected by the radiation that comes from cellphones, with reduced motor activity from the working bees. In one study, there was quiet period in which there was less buzzing and lack of concentration from the insects. Research has shown bees usually pollinate 1/3 of all crops and are sadly reducing due to this issue. There is a reduction in colony strength and in the egg laying rate of the queen.


Vest Tech is a company that assists in lessening the radiation exposure from our daily technology use that can have a major damaging effect on our insects and animals. The radiation changes their day to day process of survival, their physiology and even breeding methods. The study shows that more needs to be done to compensate homeowners that are at risk of contracting diseases from radiation such as Cancer. Independent monitoring of radiation is something to consider to keep you and your loved ones safe. Vest Tech products help solve the growing issue of radiation in many facets of our daily lives. Buying these products can make a big impact on your health and you the health of your loved ones, without even noticing it. We know now that the radiation effects both human and animals and we will keep developing products that will allow us to enjoy the benefits of modern technology and keep safe.


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VEST | Radiation Blocking Products for Everyday Use

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