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Yes, the latest cell phones typically do emit more radiation…

Mobile devices work by sending radio waves in the air. And while the National Cancer Institute has pointed out that the radio-frequency (RF) energy cell phone emits is low, it does not discount the possible long term health risks it poses. Some of the most recent smartphones (such as the iPhone 7 in particular), release a higher level of radiation than older cellphones; and with people spending more and more time on their devices, it’s only a matter of time before adverse effects might catch up.

Right now, there are nearly 2 billion smartphone users around the world. Most of them use cases to protect their expensive gadgets from drops, nicks and scratches, but given the possibility of exposure to cellphone radiation however, it might be the users who will need better protection.

A Simple and Practical Solution

Phone cases which are designed to limit exposure are the easiest way to address potential risks posed by frequent smartphone use.

However, depending on the materials used and how the product was engineered, the phone case may actually do more harm than good.

Here are some ways you can identify if the case you’re about to purchase is the real deal:

How To Choose The Right Radiation Protection Case for Your Phone

  1. Does the case cover the antenna?

Thick, rugged cases are designed to protect the smartphone from rough, outdoor elements. While this may be effective in shielding your phone from drops and scratches, it will also likely create a barrier around the antenna. This will result in the phone working harder to find signal and emit stronger RF energy.

  1. Does the case contain metallic parts?

Metal works as a natural conductor that amplifies RF signals. It doesn’t matter if the metallic piece was included as part of the case’s design or for a more practical purpose, it will affect the phone’s SAR and might increase your radiation exposure.

  1. Do you notice significant battery drain?

When something is blocking your smartphone’s antenna, your phone will  be operating at low signal strength. This causes it to emit higher RF, which raises your exposure to radiation. A telling sign that the case is obstructing the antenna is if your smartphone suddenly experiences excessive battery drain after normal usage.

  1. Does it contain essential elements that make it an effective radiation blocking product?

In the case of smartphone cases, an obvious element that you should look out for is the addition of a directional antenna. This diverts radiation away from your head while talking.

  1. Does it offer credible proof of effectiveness?

It’s easy to call any case a product designed to block smartphone radiation.  What you need to look for is credible, quantifiable claims that highlight a case’s ability to reduce your exposure to the harmful radiation. Look for relevant  certifications from credible organizations (such as FCC accredited laboratories) that will vouch for product claims, and read product reviews online.

Buying a phone case from a trusted brand is a must

Unfortunately, regulatory boards do not require third-party phone accessory manufacturers to consider how their product will work in tandem with the smartphone. Neither do governments require smartphone manufacturers to conduct extensive research on whether their SAR will still meet the FCC’s allowable radiation exposure limits when their devices are using a phone case or other 3rd party accessories.

Protecting yourself from the harmful effects of radiation is largely up to you. To do this effectively, you need to understand what makes a particular product effective or ineffective.

These guidelines will definitely help you assess whether or not a particular phone case will protect you from radiation exposure. Choosing to buy from a credible brand known for quality products however, takes the guesswork out of the process.

We at Vest are dedicated to providing customers with an entire category of anti-radiation products built on innovation and proven research. Vest phone cases, available for various smartphone models, can reduce radiation exposure by up to 98%. Our phone cases have also undergone meticulous testing from FCC certified laboratories.

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