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What is the SAR level of your mobile phone? 

Every year, we are introduced to new smartphone models—sleeker, shinier, and ultimately more powerful versions of their predecessors. However, don’t be too quick to turn in your old smartphone for the latest model — be sure to check its SAR value first.

Smartphones emit electromagnetic radiation, which the FCC measures to make sure that your gadgets don’t pose a threat to your health. This is called as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). The FCC sets the maximum acceptable SAR value at 1.6 W/kg for mobile phones — the lower the SAR rating of your mobile phone, the less radiation it emits.

The FCC is fairly strict about implementing these restrictions on mobile devices today. Thus, most phone manufacturers make an effort to comply with regulations enforced by FCC. However, some brands, push these set guidelines to the limit. In the strictest sense, these brands still comply with the FCC’s regulatory guidelines, but compared to other smartphones, their phones hold the highest SAR value.

Here is a list of phones that bear the highest SAR values in the market today, and these smartphones could be potentially dangerous to your health.

10. Sony Xperia X

SAR Value: 0.720 W/kg – This model is lauded for being one of the best designed phones in the mid-range price category, but it also has one of the highest SAR values in the market.

9. Apple iPhone SE

SAR Value: 0.720 W/kg –  Apple’s compact and entry level smartphone is popular among Apple fans who prefer the smaller form factor reminiscent of older iPhone models, specifically the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, it also holds a SAR value that puts it in 9th place.

8. LG G5

SAR Value: 0.737 W/kg – The LG G5 holds one of the highest rated smartphone displays in the market—but it comes at a price: its SAR value puts it at 8th place.

7. Sony Xperia XZ

SAR Value: 0.870 W/kg –  Another model from Sony’s Xperia series comes in  at 7th spot. While the phone is known for its exceptional fingerprint scanner and is popular for its water resistant feature, it unfortunately holds one of the highest SAR values.

6. Sony Xperia X Compact

SAR Value: 1.08 W/kg –   This popular smartphone model from Sony is considered one of the best looking smartphone options in the small range. On the downside its compact form is not only less powerful than its counterparts, but it also has a particular high SAR value.

5. Huawei Honor 5C

SAR Value: 1.14 – Compact yet powerful are the main reasons why this mobile device is so popular in the market. While you may think that you’re getting a great deal with the Honor 5C, take note that it ranks 5th among current smartphone models with high SAR values.

4. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

SAR Value: 1.24 W/kg – Arguably one of the most popular smartphone models to date, Apple’s latest Pablet actually holds one of the highest SAR values among the high-end offering available today.

3. Apple iPhone 7

SAR Value: 1.38 W/kg –The popularity of the iPhone is undeniable, but it speaks a lot about the phone manufacturer   that their entire line of smartphone offerings made it onto this list. Their latest flagship device makes it at the top three.Huawei P9

2. Huawei P9

SAR Value: 1.43 W/kg – Considered Huawei’s best smartphone offering to date, the P9 comes equipped with a  camera powered by Leica technology. Unfortunately, it is second place in terms of SAR values, just a few digits shy of the maximum limit.

1. Huawei Honor 8

SAR Value: 1.5 W/kg – Huawei may be one of the fastest growing smartphone manufacturers this year with a slew of offerings to fit every requirement and budget, but the Chinese telecommunications company also holds the distinction of having the phone with the highest SAR value, in the market.


There are numerous factors that contribute to the safety of your smartphone, and its SAR value is one that you should always consider—especially since you could be exposing yourself to electromagnetic radiation.

Thankfully, if you find that your phone is included in this list, you have the option to do something about it.

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