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9 Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Cell Phone SAR Radiation Exposure

The importance of constant communication in these modern times is undeniable.

Between staying in touch, getting work done, playing games, listening to music, watching TV, it’s almost surprising that we even put our phones down! This makes it even more important to recognize the risks associated with constant and long-term use, specifically, mobile phone radiation.

To that end, we also can’t argue against the need to have your mobile phones by your side, 24/7.

Mobile Phone SAR Values

The amount of radiation your phone will emit varies depending on your phone model. The FCC measures this via the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), with the maximum acceptable value pegged at 1.6 W/kg. The lower your mobile phone’s SAR is, the less radiation it emits.

This early into the year, we’ve already seen numerous smartphone models released in the market—with a lot more to come. But so far, here’s a list of the top 10 smartphones with the highest SAR values in the market today:

  1. Motorola Droid Maxx and Motorola Droid Ultra at 1.54
  2. Huawei Honor 8 at 1.5
  3. Alcatel One Touch Evolve and Huawei Vitria at 1.49
  4. Kyocera Hyrdro XTRM at 1.44
  5. Huawei P9 at 1.43
  6. Nokia Lumia 925 and Nokia Lumia 928 at 1.4
  7. Apple iPhone 7 at 1.38
  8. Apple iPhone 7 Plus at 1.24
  9. Huawei Honor 5C at 1.14
  10. Sony Xperia X Compact at 1.08

Is your mobile phone on the list?

If your phone is on the list, don’t worry–

Here are 9 things to make sure that you can continue to enjoy your gadgets safely:

1. Avoid spending too much time on your phone.

Whenever possible use air tube headsets when making phone calls and text instead of calling.

Also, avoid placing your phone in your pocket or your bra.

2. Leave your smartphone in another room before sleeping.

Before sleeping at night, it is best to put away your smartphone in another room. Consciously make an effort to reduce your usage as much as possible by distancing yourself from the device and turning it off or in airplane mode, when not in use. If you need them for an alarm, buy an alarm clock:)

3. Unplug your smartphone from the charger as soon as it’s done charging.

You can save energy and protect yourself from EMFs if you unplug your smartphone when not in use. Apart from wasting energy, electronics when plugged in, emit higher EMF’s.

4. Make your bedroom an electronic-free zone.

If possible, keep your bedroom clear from as many electrical conveniences as possible, including your smartphone. Avoid sleeping with devices within 3 feet of your head, because EMF emitting technologies can interfere with your sleep. It can also inhibit your regenerative patterns through the night.

5. Don’t Use Your Phone When the Signal Is Weak

When you’re in moving vehicles (car, bus, train or airplane) and elevators, your phone emits a maximum amount of radiation as it repeatedly attempts to connect to each nearest network antenna. Refrain from using your phone at this time because you stand to absorb high amounts of EMF.

6. Don’t Use Your Phone in Metal Contained Spaces.

 Cars, elevators, buses, trains or airplanes have metal enclosures that can reflect EMF waves, thereby increasing your radiation exposure. The people near you are also passively exposed to your phone’s EMF when you are in an enclosed space.

7. Send a text message instead of calling.

 You can limit the duration of exposure and the proximity of your phone to your body when you send text messages instead of calling. Hold the phone out, away from your body, when you press “send” and do not rest your phone against your abdomen as you text.

8. Refrain from using your gadgets near your torso.

Your phone’s radiation can possibly damage sperm and the ovaries. Many people move the phone away from their head to reduce exposure but down to their torso forgetting that a cell phone or laptop near to the abdomen results in higher radiation absorption in the reproductive organs.

9. Use protective shields.


There are tools in the market that can help shield harmful EMF radiation from damaging your health. For example, Vest offers a variety of tech gadget protection like an anti-radiation wallet case for your phone or anti-radiation headsets that minimizes your EMF exposure.

Visit our website to browse through our full collection of smartphone and gadget radiation shields today.

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