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An owner of a bar in the United Kingdom built a Faraday shield to restrict cellphone use in his bar in effort to promote conversation.

A Faraday shield also known as a Faraday cage is used to shield electric fields, and it is usually created with conductive, mesh or similar materials. Steve Tyler, who owns the Gin Tub in East Sussex, used metal mesh in the ceiling and walls of the building, after he became fed up with patrons sticking their heads and being antisocial.

The Faraday effect was discovered in 1836 by Michael Faraday, but was later mastered by Benjamin Franklin. It is the same technology used in Vest Tech’s Vest Anti-Radiation Wallet Cases. When electromagnetic signals from radio frequency machines come in contact with Vest protected wallet, the faraday technology causes the electrons to move and form an electromagnetic field blocking the credit card information from being transmitted.

Vest Tech understands the importance of financial security and the prevalence of wireless theft. Its mission is to keep consumers safe from electronic magnetic radiation, and safeguard them their financial information.

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