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Wireless radiation exposure should be of concern for pregnant women – laptops, tablets, routers, smart meters, cordless phones, and baby monitors all can affect a pregnant woman and the fetus development.  Scientists and public health professionals from around the world feel women should reduce the use of wireless products. However, nowadays, this wireless technology is our main gateway to communicate, create business opportunities, and even meet new people. Technology has its pros and cons, so what should we do to in order to keep taking advantage of these wonderful options that technology offers us and still keep safe?

Well, pregnant women are told to stay away from certain potentially harmful items to the fetus such as seafood, alcohol, drugs and Tobacco. But rarely is radiation mentioned much; the side effects of radiation can be just as harmful as the chemicals listed. It may seem impossible to reduce the use of radiation, with so much technology being used, but with just a few simple steps pregnant women can greatly reduce their fetus exposure to radiation:

  1. Do not carry your cell phone on your body! (e.g. in your bra, pocket, cell phone clip).
  2. Avoid placing your cell phone, wireless laptop, or any electronic devices on your abdomen.
  3. Try using your cell phone on speaker or through your car’s Bluetooth setting or headset.
  4. Avoid using your wireless device in cars, trains, or elevators.
  5. Unplug your Wi-Fi router when not in use.


Vest Tech is selling a number of products that reduces the un-born child exposure too electromagnetic radiation. Our bellyband is an anti-radiation belly band that creates a safe environment for the embryo to develop properly during pregnancy. The bellyband blocks radiation coming from the front to reach your un-born child and thus can reduce the exposure to radiation by up to 99%!

Our Baby blanket can be used even before the child is born to cover the women’s belly while at home and using laptop / tablets in close proximity to the belly and our laptop shield can be used to do the same and double as a tray for the device at the same time.






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VEST | Radiation Blocking Products for Everyday Use

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