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Identifying EMF radiation exposure symptoms

From smartphones to laptops to microwave ovens, gadgets and electronics have become a staple in people’s daily lives. It’s almost unimaginable to spend 24 hours away from any form of electronic device, but this constant use of technology invariably exposes people to health risks related to radiation from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).
Constant exposure to EMF can play a part in health conditions including headaches, migraines, inner agitation, chronic exhaustion, sleeplessness, and susceptibility to infection.
While it is impossible to completely avoid exposure, it is possible to mitigate the risks by decreasing your exposure levels. Here are 13 symptoms, you’ve been exposed to radiation:

1. You’re having hearing problems

You can hear ringing in your ear and it hurts. You’re also struggling to keep your balance when standing up. These are just some indicators that you are experiencing electromagnetic sensitivity from your exposure to radiation.

2. You’re becoming more forgetful

Your constant calls on your cell phone may be affecting your brain processes because your head is in the direct path of electromagnetic waves. It’s not surprising that your ability to remain mentally sharp and aware may be compromised.  You will find it difficult to concentrate and start forgetting things. Learning new tasks will seem to take forever, due in part to an inability to concentrate.

3. You’re suffering from seemingly random illnesses

Your cell phone use may bring about neurological problems that are masked as other ailments. It could be sudden dizziness and nausea without any discernible cause, or contracting the flu when it’s not flu season. You may also be experiencing insomnia more frequently.  These occurrences might be a clue that your nervous system is starting to suffer because of radiation from your gadgets and home appliances.

4. You’re having respiratory problems

Constant exposure to radiation can cause common respiratory problems like cough, cold, sinusitis and asthma. If your respiratory problems persist no matter how diligently you take medicines and eat healthy food, your excessive use of gadgets and electronics could be the reason.

5. You’re having heart problems

Experiencing sudden shortness of breath and fluctuating blood pressure could be a sign that you are suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. If you notice that your heart rate has altered suddenly, or if you begin to experience chest pains, it might also be signs that your body is reacting adversely to cell phone use.

6. You can’t see clearly

When you use your computer or cellphone constantly, you can develop eye problems sooner or later. Gritty and smarting eyes, changed vision, and the development of ‘tics’ in the eyelid could be the result of electromagnetic exposure.

7. You’re an emotional mess

Your emotional state can also be affected by constant exposure to radiation from electronics. If you notice that you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, anger, and mood swings, then maybe you should cut down on your electronic use.

8. You’re not as agile

People who are exposed to electromagnetic radiation can experience weakness and spasms in the muscles, as well as pain in the joints all affecting movement.  Electromagnetic sensitivity can also result in cramps in the legs or feet, and tremors in the extremities.

9. You have skin break-outs

Electromagnetic sensitivity or hypersensitivity can cause many skin conditions. If you’re an adult and you experience severe acne, irritation, or rashes, you could blame your constant gadget use for that. When you notice that your face swells or flushes, you should consider cutting back on your gadget use.

10. You’re experiencing urinary problems.

You may find yourself running to the bathroom more frequently now, which can be a real inconvenience at work or while traveling. You may have also developed a urinary tract infection even if you drink plenty of water and maintain exceptional hygiene. Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation can be the root of these problems.

11. You’ve developed food intolerance

Electromagnetic sensitivity can also cause you to change your food preferences, as well as cause a change in your appetite.  There could be certain foods that you have previously enjoyed may now upset your stomach or cause allergic reactions. The embarrassing development of flatulence could also be tied to the use of your cell phone.

12. You start becoming allergic to a lot of things

If you’ve developed electromagnetic sensitivity, you can also develop allergies with any number of things. You can become sensitive to light, chemicals, smells, or noise.  If these conditions arise after you have begun using a cell phone, the phone itself may be the reason.

13. Your body just starts acting up

Besides symptoms mentioned above, your body can also suddenly starts acting weird, like nails breaking easily, itchy scalp, and hair loss. There are women who may find their menstrual cycles have become skewed as well.

These could all be signs you have electromagnetic sensitivity. Being aware that your cellphone, laptop or other appliances might be causing a league of problems and is impacting your health is the first step.

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